"Recalling the shimmering late works of J.M.W. Turner, Penman Sweet manipulates oil paint with the subtlety of watercolour..."  Annemarie Lopez 2012  Arts writer for Australian Art Review, The Sydney Magazine (SMH) and The Week UK 

" ...these are, quite simply, profound paintings." Nicholas Usherwood, 2010  Author, Critic and Features Editor, Galleries Magazine U.K

 "The handling of oil paint is evocative, startling and refreshing, challenging the distinctions between the painter's and the photographer's art, as well as between abstract and figurative image-making. Her forms suggest other forms, her structures other scales and ways of seeing; her scenes hint at other, yet vaster landscapes, of the world and of the mind." Dr Sue Roe, 2007 Critic and author of 'The Private Lives of the Impressionists' and 'Gwen John: A Life'

"By using fine layers of oil paint the living qualities of paint take on their own characteristics independent of the subject, so that the subject is not the subject of these paintings. Instead, Anne Penman Sweet's creations fulfil our need for 'moments of stillness'" Dr Angela Summerfield, 2008  Art Historian, Author and Art Critic for The Spectator




Central Saint Martins - University of the Arts London, Postgraduate Cert. Advanced Studies

Claremont School of Art Perth, Australia, Certificate Fine Art


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019         Spirits of the Sea: Crossing Horizons, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London   

                 Geochroma (Sweet+Shore*), Nolan on Lovel Gallery, Katoomba, Australia​

2018         Travelling Souls: The Marine Art of Anne Penman Sweet and Tilemachos Kyriazatis, Rebecca Hossack                             Gallery, London

                 Precious Cargo (two-person), Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Mott St, New York

                 Hexagonal (Sweet+Shore*), Colville Gallery, Hobart

2016         Anne Penman Sweet+Tilemachos Kyriazatis, (two-person) Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

2014         Anne Penman Sweet,  Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

                 Through Uncertain Lands, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney

2013         Deep Seas, Steel Stars, Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

2012         Ocean Avatars, Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

2011         Anne Penman Sweet: New Paintings, Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

2010         The Industrial Sublime: Beauty in the Beast, Stephanie Hoppen   Gallery, London

2008         Superstructures, Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

                 Episodes, Northcote Gallery, London

2007         Surface and Structure, Cupola Gallery, Sheffield U.K

                 Across the Divide, Four Square Fine Arts, Lewes U.K

2005         Pivotal Time, Alan Kluckow Gallery, Berkshire U.K

                 New Work, Pumphouse Gallery, Harrogate U.K

2004         Embracing Heaven and Earth, Cupola Gallery, Sheffield U.K

* Sweet+Shore is my collaborative work with Dr Jesse Shore www.sweetandshore.com

Selected Group Exhibitions 


2020         The Open Art Fair with Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London

2019         Hong Kong AAF with Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Hong Kong

                 Art New York with Rebecca Hossack Gallery, New York

                 Art Wynwood with Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Miami

2018         CONTEXT Art Miami with Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Miami

                 LAPADA Art Fair, Berkeley Square, with Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London

                 Bay of Fires Art Prize 2018 finalist (Sweet+Shore*), Tasmania

                 Waverley Art Prize 2018 finalist (Sweet+Shore*), Sydney

                 CONTEXT New York, Pier 94, with Rebecca Hossack Gallery, New York

                 Art Market, San Francisco with Rebecca Hossack Gallery, San Francisco

​                 ART PARIS Grand Palais with Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Paris

                 West End, Melbourne with Colville Gallery (Sweet+Shore*), Melbourne

2017         CONTEXT Art Miami with Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Miami

                 Summer Sojourn, (Sweet+Shore*) Art Atrium, Sydney

                 Lloyd Rees Art Prize exhibition finalist (Sweet+Shore*), Colville Gallery, Hobart

                 Lethbridge Small Scale Art Award finalist (Sweet+Shore*), Brisbane

                 Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize exhibition finalist (Sweet+Shore*), Sydney

2016         Ships 2016, Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

2015         The Art of Working Ships, Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

2014         Art 3K, Art Atrium, Sydney

                 Finalist, Paddington Art Prize 2014, Sydney

2013         ART + SCIENCE, collaboration with Dr Jesse Shore, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney

                 LAPADA, Berkeley Square with Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

                 Mighty Small, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney

                 Gliding Giants, Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

                 Finalist, Salon Des Refuses S. H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney

2012         London Art Fair 2012, Business Design Centre London

                 Art Antiques London, Kensington Gardens, London

2011         London Art Fair 2011, Business Design Centre London

2010         Art London, Chelsea with Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

                 London Art Fair 2010, Business Design Centre London

2009         Art London, Chelsea with Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

                 Tankers, Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

                 London Art Fair 2009, Business Design Centre London

2008         Art London, Chelsea with Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

                 Summer Show, Medici Gallery, Cork Street, London

                 FORM Olympia London with Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

                 London Art Fair 2008, Business Design Centre London

2007         Two Views Stephanie Hoppen Gallery London with Alan Kluckow Fine Art, London

                 London Art Fair 2007, Business Design Centre, London

2006         Group Show Emineo Fine Art at Poussin Gallery, London 

                 Dreamland, Chambers Gallery, London

                 Summer Show Byard Art, Cambridge U.K

                 Shortlisted Celeste Art Prize 2006, U.K

                 Picture This, Bargehouse, Oxo Tower with Cobalt Fine Arts/War Child, London

2005         Group Show Northcote Gallery, London

                 Artist Commission for 2006 Chelsea Flower Show London

                 London Art Fair 2005, Business Design Centre London

2004         Summer Show 2004, Hutson Gallery, Mayfair, London 

                'Scapes',Mark Jason Fine Art, London 

                 London Art Fair 2004, Mark Jason Fine Art, Business Design Centre London 

                 London Art Fair 2004, Byard Art, Business Design Centre London

2003         Paperwork, Vertigo Gallery, Shoreditch, London 

                 Art London, Chelsea, with Northcote Gallery, London

                 Invited to exhibit at the Florence Biennale, Florence

2002         Gallery Artists, Northcote Gallery, London

                 Group Show, Collins and Hastie Gallery, London

* Sweet+Shore is my collaborative work with Dr Jesse Shore www.sweetandshore.com


2018         Finalist, Bay of Fires Art Prize 2018 (Sweet+Shore*), Tasmania

                 Finalist Waverley Art Prize 2018  (Sweet+Shore*), Sydney

                 Finalist Lethbridge Small Scale Art Award (Sweet+Shore*), Brisbane

2017         Finalist Lloyd Rees Art Prize exhibition (Sweet+Shore*), Colville Gallery, Hobart

                 Finalist Lethbridge Small Scale Art Award (Sweet+Shore*), Brisbane

                 Finalist Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize exhibition (Sweet+Shore*), Sydney

2014         Finalist, Paddington Art Prize 2014, Sydney

2013         Finalist, Salon Des Refuses S. H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney

2006         Shortlisted Celeste Art Prize 2006, U.K



Private and Corporate Collections in U.K, Australia, Europe, U.S.A, Middle East



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